Watch the webinar by Progress on Automation tech to reduce healthcare costs

Salus recently hosted a very interesting webinar for Progress Software where we heard Dr Mark Allen discuss how deploying Mobile Technology and Decision Automation can Reduce Healthcare Costs.

Increasing costs, growing waiting times for services and budget constraints plague both our public and private health care providers. There are practical technology applications in existence today that can bring relief, directly impacting the cost of health care delivery. In this webinar, we’ll examine how mobile and wearable devices can empower patients to track their own fitness levels, and how decision automation can both assist in patient assessments and deliver operational efficiencies.

Potential use cases include: Chronic disease monitoring with mobile and wearable devices Operational efficiency when making clinical decisions Digital repeat prescriptions   Hosted by Dr. Mark Allen, Chief Technology Officer of Decision Making at Progress, a former ER physician who left medicine in 2000 to build a decision rules engine to deliver on his vision of clinical surveillance.

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Nic McCoy

Co-Founder and Director of Talent Solutions

Nick is an experienced sales, marketing and recruitment professional with the last 12 yrs+ spent working with Medical technology companies and digital health innovators.

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