Time for business to utilise the Wearables’ potential

From digital wrist bands and smart watches to intelligent skin patches and smart glasses, wearable technology is here to stay. But while much attention has focused on consumer health applications, the potential of these devices for the business world has been largely overlooked.

Many companies believe it could be up to 10 years before wearable technology will be mature enough for enterprise applications. They are missing a huge opportunity to innovate and get ahead – powerful apps are being created today that improve business operations and improve customer experience.

Companies that are not seriously taking steps with available run the risk of being left behind by their more innovative rivals.

The secret of success is to look for immediate return on investment. Rather than going for big and lengthy implementations with multifaceted complex scenarios, start small and identify particular areas where wearable technology could be helpful.

The power of wearable technology is not about a single device but an ecosystem of devices that can be interconnected facilitating the the enterprise world.

The possibilities are endless and more exciting when you add pictures, diagrams and step-by-step instructions in audio, video and text. These let the hands-free wearer be guided on what to do next and speak commands to ask questions, perform searches, activate and navigate.

To explore wearable technology applications, Digital Salutem have connections with major vendors, stakeholders and innovation ecosystems where our expertise can not only accelerate the adoption of wearables in enterprise but also connect you with the right partners without losing vast amounts of time spent in scrutiny, due diligence, suppliers’ meetings and internal resourcing. We pride ourselves in having the right expertise in the team and operate at International level, understanding therefore the challenges face by our clients.

In retail for example all major supermarkets are under contractual obligations to suppliers as to how their goods are displayed on the shelf. These agreements cover everything from pricing to the location and size of the display.

Manually checking compliance is a huge time consuming paper-based task, which is prone to error. Failure to comply with contractual obligations can result in big financial penalties, so supermarkets need to get it right.

The supermarkets need applications and wearable technologies that enable and guarantee such as vital piece of information to be delivered consistently and in real time with notifications or small reminders.

An example of this are Beacons that tell warehouse staff via their smart watches when specific customers arrive at the car park to collect their shopping, ordered in advance. This enables staff to schedule collection and reduce customer waiting time.

In health, the convergence of developments in battery, sensor and adhesive technologies is creating an innovation tipping point. Body-wearable devices with rich functionality are becoming small, cheap and durable enough to be minimally intrusive to the patient. At Digital Salutem we encountered an unobtrusive device that is about the same size as a 20-pence piece but is powerful enough to remotely monitor a patient’s vital signs and check that they have taken their medication. The technology costs less than one Euro to make, but it can enable healthcare providers to deliver continuous care.

Last year Google and Novartis announced a partnership to jointly develop a high-tech contact lens that will help diabetics track their blood sugar levels by measuring glucose in eye fluid and communicating the data to a mobile device.

These are so widespread that within a few years you will feel naked if you are not wearing technology. Wearable technology is here to stay, and is only going to get better more widespread as the time goes passes by.

Manufacturers are working on improved design, cameras and battery life. Devices are getting cheaper and smaller and will increase in numbers – the key element is how you utilise their potential.

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Joao Bocas

Wearables Expert and Digital Health Influencer

Joao is a Wearables Expert and Digital Health Influencer. His passion lies in helping others, sharing experiences, transferring knowledge , working collaboratively and passing on the latest innovation trends from the digital health world.

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