Meet the CEO of a revolutionary online GP treatment service

i-GP is a revolutionary online GP treatment service and offers a world’s first in it’s architecture and design. Created by award winning doctors, it offers 24/7 assessments for minor illnesses such as sore throats, chest infections and sinusitis with treatment within 1 hour for a fixed price of only £10.

In its inaugural year, the service has been shortlisted for numerous awards and is re-defining the patient pathway to care.

W caught up with the CEO and Founder Dr. Sukhbinder Noorpuri to understand more about the business and future plans.

SD – Hi, could you please introduce yourself?

SN – Hi, I am Sukhbinder Noorpuri, Founder and CEO of i-GP.


Dr Sukhbinder Noorpuri – CEO

SD – Where are you based?

SN – We have offices in both central London and Kent, but our service itself is national treating patients all across the United Kingdom.

SD – What is your background?

SN- I have been a doctor for 17 years. I graduated from Manchester University and spent several years working in the surgical specialties before deciding on a career in general practice. I realised that the GP will always be the gatekeeper to care and digital health offered the greatest opportunity for entrepreneurial change.

SD – Tell us about the history and idea behind i-GP?

SN – Without doubt, the NHS and primary care in particular are at a crisis point. Patient waiting times to see the GP will hit 17 days this year and the workforce is in decline and struggling to cope with the sheer demand for service. We appreciate the limitations of digital care so treat only minor illnesses where there is substantial evidence to confirm the effectiveness of assessment and treatment through online means. We launched in early 2016 and have gained much national press and professional acclaim.

SD – What is your solution?

SN – Minor illnesses account for 50 million appointments in primary care, so treating this cohort of patients through a digital format results in a far more efficient patient journey. There is no need to take time off for a conventional doctor’s appointment or wait hours to be seen at a walk in centre. Our Si system integrates national guidelines and even physical parameters into the online assessment process, asking 100% of the questions 100% of the time. We are then able to utilise all this information in constructing a detailed and personalised treatment plan.

SD – How does it benefit patients?

SN – The service is revolutionary in its design. It allows for 24/7 instantaneous access and there are no time limits in completing an assessment. If we can’t treat the patient through our platform, the Si system will stop and offer the patient free advice. Prescriptions are collectable from any pharmacy, often within an hour of completing the assessment. The i-GP price for service is fixed and transparent at £10, although medication cost is separate. We are so confidant in the service we offer a 100% service guarantee and a full refund if the patient is dissatisfied. Our surveys show an unprecedented 100% satisfaction level.

SD – How does i-GP differ from other online consultation solutions currently available?

SN – The service is the only type of its kind in the world combining dynamic questioning with imagery to facilitate the assessment. This results in a unique user experience. We treat a very similar condition demographic to video consultations, but our platform is accessible 24/7, no appointment is needed and the patient doesn’t need a private space in order to commence the consultation. Of course price is paramount too and at just £10 we are up to 65% cheaper than some of our competitors.


SD – What are the next steps for i-GP?

SN – We are entering an exciting period of rapid growth and further product development. Last year saw the release of our App and Wellness element which was commended by the CQC. We have several corporate connections commencing and are looking to launch the service internationally.

SD  – What do you see as the biggest challenges ahead?

SN –  Healthcare is ripe for radical disruption but requires the synergy of technology and medicine in order to produce effective change. Working within the confines of deep regulation is always challenging but we have successfully navigated our first CQC inspection and were commended for the thoroughness of our assessments. We have come a long way in a very short space of time which is testament to the dedication of the team and remain focused on implementing service excellence.

SD – How do people find our more information?

SN- Please visit our site at and in particular watch our unique explainer video on the how it works page. I am always delighted to take any further questions by email at

SD – thanks for your time

SN – thank you


Paul Budd

Co-Founder and Business Development Director

Paul is an experienced sales & marketing leader within the healthcare sector and is a Co-Founder of Salus Digital. He is a Digital Health enthusiast with a passion for extending the reach of technology to improve patient’s lives and reduce the strain on healthcare services.

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