Is recruiting hard to find tech talent hindering the growth of Digital Health companies?

Is recruiting hard to find tech talent hindering the growth of Digital Health companies?

Salus Digital is a leading online recruitment platform for the digital health sector and I have spent a large part of 2016 speaking to clients that are looking to recruit top tech talent.

When demand for certain skills is outstripping supply something has to happen. We know there is a demand gap for many jobs in the technology field, with data showing that job seeker interest in software architect job postings meets only 29.4% of the employer demand and dev ops job postings meet only 39.6%.

(Source: Indeed Research)

So is this impacting innovation and development in this sector?

83% of companies said that the shortage of tech talent has hurt their business through lost revenue, slower product development, market expansion or employee tension and burnout

(Source: Indeed Research)

What can you do about this?

Is your offering competitive/attractive?

Other than salary what else do you offer employees?

How do you differ and would your culture attract a certain type of person?

At Salus digital we can provide you with information and data to help you create the best chance of filling these roles.

Using our big data……

  • We can tell you how many people in a given geographical area have the skills you are looking for
  • How many companies are also hiring for that type of person in the same geography
  • What is the average advertised salary in that area
  • Where these people are likely to currently work

From this data we can help you build the most compelling recruitment campaign and directly position your vacancy(s) in front of these individuals that are not actively looking

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Nic McCoy

Co-Founder and Director of Talent Solutions

Nick is an experienced sales, marketing and recruitment professional with the last 12 yrs+ spent working with Medical technology companies and digital health innovators.

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