Are you ready to help launch a Non-Invasive Heart Diseases Diagnosis Device?

Are you ready to help launch a Non-Invasive Heart Diseases Diagnosis Device?

Oxford Cardiomox Ltd (Cardiomox) is an UK based high-tech company, register number: 08644508. Cardiomox focuses on developing and manufacturing the new generation of magnetocardiography (MCG) medical device for non-invasive heart diseases diagnosis.

With the extremely sensitive SQUID, Cardiomox can map the very weak biomagnetic signals around the thorax in unshielded hospital environment without contact with patients. We have been exploring, developing and implementing innovative physical and mathematical formulations to improve the signal-to-noise ratio and spatial-temporal signal resolution, 3-D imaging of heart electrophysiological information – the current density vectors maps are very valuable to analyse the heart health conditions.

Cardiomox has been exploring the application of MCG in clinical environment for long time, has achieved significant cases of patients test results, which strongly proved the clinical value of MCG in practice. We are aiming to achieve the CE mark by the end of 2017, and preparing to take the business to the next level in commercialisation.


To achieve our plans we are looking for support in the following areas

  • Sales and business development of a new medical device to the NHS and European countries
  • Strategy and planning of the commercial side of the business
  • Steer the business to success in this early and exciting stage of the companies development
  • Opportunity to take a permanent position on the senior management team
  • Equity options
  • The responsibilities of this role can be flexible dependant on your skills and experience
  • This position could be as a full time or contract based consultancy

Key benefits of the product are

  • Early stage of heart diseases diagnosis
  • Risk assessment for development of arrhythmias
  • Localization of arrhythmogenic substrate
  • Evaluation of proarrhythmogenic properties of drugs
  • Rule-out suspicious
  • Other areas of application, such as fatal heart assessment

In the first instance please apply with your CV and a covering letter summarising your skills in relation to the above



Nic McCoy

Co-Founder and Director of Talent Solutions

Nick is an experienced sales, marketing and recruitment professional with the last 12 yrs+ spent working with Medical technology companies and digital health innovators.

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