New Platform for Mobile Healthcare Launched by Kainos Evolve

In an effort to simplify how medical services are delivered, healthcare has been applying an extensive assortment of technologies. Although progress is being made, it is quite slow due to regulatory bodies and the huge number of different systems being employed. Even so, healthcare is becoming more efficient because of these technologies that enable them to offer better care at costs that are lower. In addition, technology is responsible for providing a much greater level of transparency within the medical profession.

An announcement was recently made by Kainos that a new platform was being released. Kainos is a company that develops solutions in digital technology and their newest platform has been designed to enable healthcare administrations to use mobile apps to improve the care being given. These apps are currently available for iPads, iPhones, the Apple Watch and the iPod Touch.

Healthcare will now be provided by a solution that will enable caretakers and providers to access securely important information on patients no matter where they are located. The delivery will be via Kainos Evolve, a platform developed by the company to transition records to an electronic form. The design of Evolve automates everything from creating to capturing and handling such things as case notes along with records and other operational documents with the ultimate purpose of improving quality of patient care and safety.

Evolve makes it possible to securely store, have access to, process and share information on patients. The platform was designed solely for Apple Watch and the Apple iOS but it does support being integrated with other systems based on a standard of healthcare interoperability. Kainos has proprietary rights to the software along with hospital management and practitioners of medicine. The purpose of Evolve is to digitize patient records for improved workflow and storage.

Evolve provides features such as:

  • Legacy content – smart indexing in order to avoid problems such as information overload. This helps clinicians and doctors to better concentrate on patient information that is important.
  • Digital document management – patient documentation that is securely audited for storage.
  • iPad Evolve – offers accurate access and current information for a particular patient where they are being cared for no matter where the location and regardless of options in available connectivity.
  • Digital workflow and forms – this is intended to move towards going paperless by replacing information that is paper-based with captured data.
  • ePCR (Care provided by ambulance teams) – for emergency responders that will enable them to capture patient and incident information that is accurate. This will entail the use of iPad Evolve and the Digital Patient Record system.
  • Timeline that is graphical – patient record overview that is comprehensive and immediate.
  • Transmission of digital discharge (electronic discharge) – provides to doctors timely and consistent information on patients at the discharge point.

Kainos’ CEO, Brendan Mooney, states that they are extremely happy with the announcement of this totally new platform, Evolve, which is going to improve outcomes in healthcare at costs that are much lower. It is a vital part of the company’s vision of making the delivery of healthcare easier through the use of technology. He also stated that Kainos is delighted to be partnering with Apple on this project.

BCC Research released a report that predicts that by the year 2018, the market in mHealth will probably rise to almost $22 billion USD. Those healthcare groups that integrate mobile solutions will be able to steadily increase accessibility to the rising number of people employing this type of technology. Kainos Evolve has made the process much simpler so that even the smallest of medical practices can take advantage of this platform.


Paul Budd

Co-Founder and Business Development Director

Paul is an experienced sales & marketing leader within the healthcare sector and is a Co-Founder of Salus Digital. He is a Digital Health enthusiast with a passion for extending the reach of technology to improve patient’s lives and reduce the strain on healthcare services.

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