New App Empowers Women to Become ‘Experts’ in their Pregnancy

New App Empowers Women to Become ‘Experts’ in their Pregnancy; with Individualised Risk Assessment and Guideline-Driven Care Plans

Developed by a British Doctor and his wife, My Pregnancy CaPL® is the first App to use algorithms driven by UK national guidelines, and each woman’s exact medical records to assess and alert women to possible pregnancy complications. The app then generates bespoke evidence-based guidance week-by week through pregnancy. This empowers women to make informed choices about their pregnancy. My Pregnancy Capl includes a host of tools ranging from a birth plan creator to a contraction timer. With the Government pushing for women to record their pregnancies using smartphones by 2018, My Pregnancy CaPL® is already way ahead of the game.

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK – As millions of women have come to learn, pregnancy is all about choice. In an effort to empower women to own their records and become experts in their own pregnancy, a UK consultant obstetrician and his wife have developed a ground-breaking new App that literally puts the power of choice in the hands of individual women. It’s called My Pregnancy CaPL®, and it’s a true game-changer.

Along with their antenatal caregivers, women simply enter some personal information and their medical history into My Pregnancy CaPL®, before the App calls in UK national guidelines to develop a custom care guidance plan and assess each woman’s risk of pregnancy/birth complications including preeclampsia, diabetes in pregnancy, small baby, thrombosis, bleeding after birth, alcohol use and mental health issues.

“There’s two very distinct sides to My Pregnancy CaPL®, each driven by the NHS’s mandate to have women track their pregnancies via smartphones by 2018,” explains Dr Paul Ayuk (BSc, MB.BS, MRCOG, PhD), who created the App along with his wife, Angela Ayuk (BSc midwifery). “For women it provides an individualised risk assessment which alerts the woman to possible complications, as well as an individualised care plan and a host of tools including a birth plan creator, contraction timer, kick counter and an information index.”

Continuing, “For antenatal professionals, My Pregnancy CaPL® uses all of the data traditionally collected on paper records to alert doctors and nurses of abnormal findings, through guideline-driven algorithms that spot and flag things professionals could easily miss. There’s no sugar-coating the fact that pregnancy guidelines are increasingly complex; My Pregnancy CaPL® removes the need to scour paper-based records or compute clinical risk mentally. Our algorithms uncover a definitive list of complications, with extremely high fidelity.”

The App’s individualized care plans are constantly updated as and when guidelines change, and present targeted, reliable information via engaging 3D animated video. This puts My Pregnancy CaPL® ahead of current NHS targets, hands-down.

While steeped in innovation, Dr. Ayuk’s focus remains on empowering the women for whom My Pregnancy CaPL® was created.

“The bottom line is that it’s all about choice; giving women all they need to make informed decisions about their pregnancy, birth and early days of motherhood. By giving them what they require to become experts in their pregnancy, they will have access to data usually kept at the hospital, and can drastically reduce variations in their care. We’ll never lose sight of the people we created the App for,” he adds.

For more information and resources on My Pregnancy CaPL®¸ visit the App’s official website:

About Dr & Mrs Ayuk:

Dr Ayuk graduated from the university of Manchester in 1991 with a B.Sc (1st class Hons.) in anatomical sciences followed by a medical qualification (MB.BS, Hons., Manchester university, 1994). After 2 years junior medical training in Manchester, he completed a PhD in placental physiology (Manchester university, 1999). He was appointed clinical lecturer at Oxford University in 1999 where he undertook the rest of his post-graduate medical training. Dr Ayuk was appointed a consultant obstetrician in Newcastle in 2008 and was the lead intra-partum care obstetrician for 6 years. Mrs Ayuk qualified as a midwife (B.Sc Hons.) from Oxford Brooks university in 2002 and practised as a midwife until 2011. The couple live in Newcastle-upon-Tyne with their 3 children aged 10, 6 and 5 years.

Contact: Mrs Angela Ayuk / / (+44) 7462 616888


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