Mobile Enhanced Wound Management


Diabetes, vascular disease, impaired mobility or cancer is highly related to difficult-to-heal wounds that are challenging care providers. Wound management is time and cost intensive and a critical issue for every Health Institution. Related to acute or chronic conditions, the wound-healing process has an impact on patient outcomes and quality of life.

  • 2/3 of community nursing time is spend on wounds
  • Wound care represents 2-4% of the healthcare expenditure
  • 30% growth for wound care costs up to 2020
  • Avoidable pressure ulcers have a major negative effect on patient function and quality of life

About +WoundDesk

Health professionals involved in chronic wounds are looking for an advantageous solution to use everywhere. They are often overflowed with red tape, which reduces the time spent with patients. They are looking for tools that enable them to reduce the time spend on administrative tasks so that they can focus more on patient care.

+WoundDesk is a mobile solution for the assessment and documentation of chronic wounds by trained providers at patients’ homes, in the GP surgery, nursing homes or in hospitals. The wound visit record can be easily exchanged with colleagues who receive a clear wound report that helps them quickly assess the wound healing.  +WoundDesk is a collaborative tool.

The use of +WoundDesk optimises the wound care process. Data collection is made easy, wound surface measurement is automated to help care providers to get more time for patients. This way, errors are reduced, providers are actively supported in the decision process.

+WoundDesk guarantees quality and efficiency for chronic wound management.

The mobile application comes together with a web-based administration for patient data and access rights administration, combined with an analysis tool for data-mining.

+WoundDesk Solution Features

  • Access patient data everywhere and anytime
  • Document wound consultation including vital parameters and applied treatment
  • Assess wound healing with wound surface measurement and severity score
  • Access updated woundc care guidelines
  • Team management with different access rights
  • Wound report as a PDF document
  • Exchange secure data with providers involved in patient care
  • Confirm to internal standards ( HL7, EN ISO13485 and EN 62304 )
  • Designed for Android Smartphones and tablets ( iOS in development )

+WoundDesk has just launched a crowdfunding campaign on medical crowdfunding site Medstartr. They are looking to raise $10,000 for certification for use as a medical device to learn more and even invest the please visit


Paul Budd

Co-Founder and Business Development Director

Paul is an experienced sales & marketing leader within the healthcare sector and is a Co-Founder of Salus Digital. He is a Digital Health enthusiast with a passion for extending the reach of technology to improve patient’s lives and reduce the strain on healthcare services.

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