Meet Elin Haf Davies – the CEO and founder of aparito.

Meet Elin Haf Davies – the CEO and founder of aparito.

Recognising the ever changing challenges to bring new and innovative drugs to patients, Dr Elin Haf Davies, a paediatric nurse by background, founded aparito. With 20 years of clinical, research and regulatory experience, Elin designed this solution with both the patient and the healthcare provider in mind. The solution was realised with the help of Chris Tyson and James Skinner. Chris has 20 years of experience delivering software solutions for pharmaceuticals including AstraZeneca, GSK, and Astellas, creating innovative systems which meet regulatory and compliance standards.

We wanted to find out more about how aparito are offering a valuable resource to companies and their CEO – Dr Elin Haf Davies kindly gave us the opportunity to ask some questions.

SD – Hi, could you please introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Elin Haf Davies – the CEO and founder of aparito.

SD – Where are you based?

Aparito is based in London. We have had a few homes! The last was Somerset House on the river as part of Bethnal Green Ventures. Now we are fortunate enough to be supported by a Wayra-MSD partnership called Velocity Health, so we are in their offices at Tottenham Court Road.

SD – What is your background?

I am originally from Bala in North Wales, but I came to London to train as a nurse at Great Ormond Street hospital. I worked there in research for a number of years before going into academia myself and completing a PhD exploring different (and more age appropriate) ways of measuring gait and ataxia in children. After that I went to the European Medicines Agency to implement their Paediatric Regulation – a piece of work that aimed to address the imbalance in Paediatric clinical trials vs adult trials. This came from my expertise in clinical investigation in children, and my resulting frustration with the shortcomings in this area. Now I hold fellowships at Oxford and Bangor Universities and the CEO of aparito of course!

SD – Tell us about your website and the background to the organisation?

The organisation really came out of my frustration with the measures that are used to assess gait and ataxia in children. These are really snapshot hospital assessments and can’t tell us much about the impact of walking ability on real life. Something of growing importance in the pharmaceutical landscape are patient reported outcomes and ‘real world data’. These are important in pivotal studies and beyond, in post marketing authorisation studies and reimbursement assessments. Without this kind of information, it is very hard to demonstrate the real impact of a treatment or intervention, and therefore its effectiveness. Remember that 42% of Paediatric trials fail and 37% of Orphan drugs aren’t reimbursed by payers.

Because of this, I came up with a remote solution to passively collect physical function data and Patient Reported Outcomes outside of the hospital, which is the aparito app and wearable technology! The app also collects information about medication adherence, health-care usage and health events to put all of this in context.

SD – What are your growth plans in the UK and also Europe?

We have currently got two studies up and running in Great Ormond Street and Manchester Children’s hospitals in the UK, and are about to kick off studies in Newcastle and the National Institutes of Health in the States!

SD – What do you see as your biggest challenges?

Scaling! We’ve got great ideas on how to scale, and there are so many opportunities. We just need to manage that carefully, making sure that we do so while driving positive impact.

SD – What do you see the Healthcare Technology landscape being in 2020? Keeping patients away from hospital as much as possible, from remote patient consultation using telemedicine and remote patient monitoring using devices/IoT.

SD – How do people find our more information?

Our website is and we are on twitter at @aparitohealth.

If you feel really motivated, you can even check out our linkedin!!

SD – thanks for your time

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