The Inspiration for Improving Healthcare with the Apple Watch Was Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, the man behind Apple itself was also the man behind the creation of the Apple Watch. When asked what inspired the Apple Watch, Tim Bajarin a leading technology consultant said it started with the man himself, Steve Jobs. As stated in an article he had written for Time magazine, he said that Jobs had given his team the task of finding a better method of communications between doctors and patients.

Bajarin Spends Time with Apple Execs

After spending time talking with executives from Apple, it became quite apparent that Jobs was truly the inspiration behind the hi-tech Apple Watch. They spoke of his seven-year battle with pancreatic cancer which he eventually lost in 2011 and how he saw for himself the lack of connection within the system. Patients and pertinent information and healthcare providers just weren’t connecting. Jobs wanted to provide a more efficient system of communicating through mobile devices and a mobile platform.

Employee Volunteers Participate in Study

Apple invited Bajarin to their California health labs in Cupertino where he got to observe how their full time staff of seven nurses worked with employees who volunteered to exercise within a controlled environment. The study utilized medical equipment that was quite advanced. What Bajarin got from the visit was that Apple is working to continue on with Job’s vision for the technology although marketing was being focused on fashion for today’s consumers.

CareKit Aimed at Doing What the Watch Couldn’t

It soon became apparent that the Apple Watch couldn’t do all that it needed to do to deliver the types of features and services consumers really needed with fitness tracking technology. Even though Apple Watch came into being for this purpose, something else was needed. This is, in Bajarin’s opinion, why Apple continued on their quest for better technology. The latest effort is their CareKit, an operating system that gives developers the tools to develop more customized apps as needed by healthcare providers.

Apple Continues on Jobs’ Mission

In his article, Bajarin states that it is his belief that the mission Jobs left his company prior to his 2011 death will continue to inspire Apple. He believes that they will continue on in their quest for developing better ways to bridge that gap between patients and their healthcare providers.

All eyes are now on the much anticipated Apple Watch 2 that is forecast to be launched sometime later this year, probably in the autumn of 2016. The newest version will feature internal connectivity that will no longer be dependent on connecting through an iPhone.


Lucy Whitfield

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