GIANT Health Event – Register Today

GIANT Health Event – Register Today 

The GIANT Health Event is focused on bringing ideas, technologies and people together both within and outside the health space. Using a dynamic, interdisciplinary forum it will create, shape and celebrate new thinking in health innovation that will translate to helping people live better lives.

Combining a conference and trade show GIANT showcases leading technologies, accelerates innovation and enhances commercial success, and is the most informative and network bridging event within #HealthTechWeek (London: 14-21 November, 2016).

This is truly an event not to be missed. GIANT Health Event: 16-18th November, 2016.

GIANT is geared to support an emerging health industry that is more digital, nimble, responsive and focused on people. Come join us to collaborate and discover how health and life science organisations, innovators and implementers are combining ideas and generating solutions to improve health.

The event will spotlight these innovators laying down new paths to a more connected, transparent, smart health ecosystem that will democratise health and deliver efficiencies in providing care, ultimately creating better health for more people.

Why attend GIANT?

From pioneering developments in diagnostics and therapies through to fashion health tech – we will look at everything that has the potential to transform people’s health and people’s lives. The GIANT Health Event will help you learn about new initiatives and partnership opportunities:

  • Genomics and precision medicine:
    • Hear how genomics and precision medicine will power personalised health and smart diagnostics
  • Real World research:
    • Understand how open source development platforms like AppleResearch Kit and CareKit are opening the door to increased consumer participation in research
  • Big Data to Smart Data:
    • Moving beyond Big Data to Smart Data, learn how quantum computing can extract information from data and create intelligence from it too, increasing the utility of wearables in personalising health to consumer’s exact needs
  • “Pill Plus” solutions:
    • Engage with leaders in digital health to develop effective “Pill Plus” solutions, drawing on human centred design and behavioural techniques to improve patient outcomes
  • Convergence of social engagement tools:
    • Understand the opportunities from the convergence of social, mobile, analytic and cloud technologies to drive efficiencies and optimise health
  • Consumer-driven innovation:
    • Get inspired by the latest developments and ideas from outside health, including aerospace, sport, financial and entertainment industries, that are using technology to deliver better customer value and experience
  • Immersive technologies:
    • Learn about the latest development in virtual reality, telemedicine, home monitoring and smart technologies in Internet of Things (IoT) and smart homes that will help improve the lives of people with chronic long-term conditions and ageing-related physical and cognitive decline
  • Democratisation of health:
    • Understand innovations in retail healthcare, mHealth and mobile payment technology and microinsurance to deliver better care to more people
  • Create partnerships:
    • To co-work with new entrants and disrupters that will change care delivery models, democratise medical education and enhance citizen participation in health prevention

In addition to world expert speakers and product demos from leading pharma, life sciences, biotech, telecom, digital, and healthcare companies, GIANT will also include health-tech innovations from the aerospace, financial services, sports equipment, and cosmetics industries.  All the keynote speeches will be broadcast live to a global audience.  Country pavilions will feature the finest health-tech start-ups from nations around the world.  There will also be free entertainment and fun socialising every night. The GIANT VIP Awards ceremony and dinner will provide global recognition to health-tech innovators including start-ups, global corporates, SMEs, universities, doctors, nurses and patients.

Confirmed speakers include Mahiben Maruthappu (co-founder of NHS Innovation Accelerator & senior fellow to NHS England’s CEO), John Nosta (NostaLab), Shafi Ahmed (Centre for Academic Surgery), Aubrey De Grey (SENS Research Foundation), Scott Andrew (head of health at Samsung), Lorena Macnaughtan (ICEEhealth Event Director), Cristina De Juan (innovatemedtec),  Peter Cochrane (Peter Cochrane Associates), Amir Babaei­-Mahani (Johnson & Johnson Innovation) and Jeroen Tas (Phillips) amongst other industry leaders.

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Paul Budd

Co-Founder and Business Development Director

Paul is an experienced sales & marketing leader within the healthcare sector and is a Co-Founder of Salus Digital. He is a Digital Health enthusiast with a passion for extending the reach of technology to improve patient’s lives and reduce the strain on healthcare services.

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