Digital Health 2016

2015 was a big year for digital health. We saw global venture funding reaching record levels and the industry made a step change from what many viewed a consumer fitness market into a stand-alone sector with products and services that can be of real clinical value and deliver improved patient outcomes. In the US 2015 was the beginning of reimbursement for digital services delivered to patients outside of care settings and here in the UK we saw the NHS’s Five Year Forward View commence to give the patient more control and change the relationships between patients and care givers.

2016 promises to be an even bigger year for Digital Health and a recent article by Forbes magazine suggests that Health Technology is predicted to be the most profitable sector this year, out gunning the more traditional industries such as finance, energy and retail.

Europe is also pushing ahead with digital health and countries such as Switzerland, Germany, the Nordics and Iberia leading the charge. We will be showcasing each of these regions throughout the year with our partner – D-Health Europe.

We are also predicting a sharp increase in jobs within the Digital Health industry to help fuel this growth and also the fact that more traditional healthcare companies in pharma and medical devices are now moving from “toe dipping” into large scale funding into patient centric technology solutions. To view the largest selection of Digital Health jobs in Europe please visit and register your CV or set up job alerts so the best jobs can find you.

The first week of January sees the CES show in Las Vegas begin the year in style and already this week we have seen Under Armour, the sports giant release 3 new health devices, Fitbit launches a new wearable tracker and Withings have unveiled Thermo – a Wi-Fi enabled thermometer.

Salus Digital will also be heavily investing in new products and services this year to continue to be a leading source of information, jobs and networking opportunities in the Digital Health market. 2015 was good, 2016 will be even better and we can’t wait for you to join us on the journey.

If you have any articles you would like to publish or any questions about our services then please reach out at anytime to one of the team.

Happy New Year



Paul Budd

Co-Founder and Business Development Director

Paul is an experienced sales & marketing leader within the healthcare sector and is a Co-Founder of Salus Digital. He is a Digital Health enthusiast with a passion for extending the reach of technology to improve patient’s lives and reduce the strain on healthcare services.

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