“ Connected Health : How digital technology is transforming health and social care”

On Friday I met with Karen Taylor – Director, Centre for Health Solutions for Deloitte UK to discuss her recent report “ Connected Health : How digital technology is transforming health and social care”.

It’s a fascinating insight into digital health technology adoption and a must read for anyone with an interest in this space. Karen says :

“Connected Health or technology enable care ( TEC ) is the collective term for telecare, telehealth, telemedicine, mHealth, digital health and ehealth. TEC involves the convergence of health technology, digital. Media and mobile telecommunications and is increasingly seen as an integral part of the solution to many of the challenges facing the health, social care and wellness sectors, especially in enabling more effective integration of care.

TEC seeks to improve people’s ability to self-manage their health and wellbeing, alert healthcare professionals to changes in their condition and support medication adherence. For health and social care providers, it can help deliver safer, more efficient and cost-effective care.

Digital technology is advancing exponentially and its cost is plummeting. At the same time the demand for and cost of healthcare is rising, which is challenging most health economies across the world. The need to adopt technology to meet these challenges seems obvious, but healthcare continues to lag behind other industries in using technology with service users, in this case, patients and carers.

This report analyses opportunities and barriers to the adoption of TEC based in extensive literature reviews, discussions with stakeholders and our work with commissioners, providers and technology companies. It focusses on the UK market but in a global context drawing on examples of good practice from the UK and other counties, including the USA, where many healthcare providers lead the field in their adoption of digital technology.

The report considers the barriers to adoption, shifting dynamics between patients and clinicians, and how technology can help providers to work differently. The intention is to provoke discussion and offer readers examples of solutions that may fit their situation.

The task now for healthcare providers, commissioners and payers across the UK to adopt TEC at scale and we hope this report provides a useful stimulus for doing so.  As ever we welcome feedback and comments.”

Karen’s report can be read in more detail here:



Paul Budd

Co-Founder and Business Development Director

Paul is an experienced sales & marketing leader within the healthcare sector and is a Co-Founder of Salus Digital. He is a Digital Health enthusiast with a passion for extending the reach of technology to improve patient’s lives and reduce the strain on healthcare services.

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