Award winning game to help diabetics with Self Management

What is Dap’n’? 

The name Dap’n’ stems from the word Dap. A Dap includes simple to very intricate series of rhythmic hand slaps, clasps, hand and arm gestures or more fun and elaborate moves exchanges between two people as a sign of personal greeting, respect and group solidarity.

Dap’n’ is a game which encourages health management for diabetes especially in regard to keeping up with medication (medication adherence). The aim of the game is to receive animated daps which become increasingly more elaborate, fun and creative the better you’re doing. Animated daps can come from anyone in your personal support network and can include family, friends, local support groups, peers from the support groups, pharmacist, Doctors (GP), social worker, diabetic nurse, and any range of specialists you may be dealing with such as Podiatrist, Ophthalmologist, Cardiologist etc. The diabetic chooses how much involvement people in their network can have and retains control over.

The reasons/factors surrounding why people stop taking medication are many. For the most part not taking medication can be seen as a symptom of larger problems within self- management ie motivation, not understanding the disease etc. Alerts and reminders to take the medication are the response taken by most apps. This though will not help if you are lacking in motivation or otherwise. Especially fora long term condition like diabetes what is needed is a more co-ordinated response that takes into account what the underlying problem/concern at the time and relays it to the right person within the diabetics network.

How does Dap’n’ work? 

Dap’n’ works by issuing challenges to diabetics to complete certain tasks. These challenges are around things they need to do to manage their diabetes and can be sent by the system or anyone in the person’s personal support network. The challenges may include taking their medication, doing exercise, patient education on how to manage their diabetes, measuring blood sugar levels, online support group meetings and events etc. A challenge is completed by updating the system on results of the challenge and receiving an animated dap. The system maintains a record of this support, putting it together with records of medication being taken and with numbers and need for visits to clinics, hospitals and pharmacy. The results of the challenges and other records are stored and analysed to track trends and patterns of how the person is coping with their diabetes. The system then co-ordinates a response if an alert happens, taking into account the severity of said alert. An ongoing problem with medication links in to your pharmacist to encourage a medicine use review. It will also trigger a response to your GP to discuss any support required around or need for change. A vulnerable person might also need support from a social worker etc. Dap’n therefore co-ordinates this response sothere is seamless reinforcement from everyone supporting the diabetic.

Dap’n’ has a preliminary UI document and prototype. The gaming aspect and approach taken to co-ordinate the various groups needs to beworked on. This will require input from clinical ie GP, specialists and Social workers etc.

Dap ‘n’ has recently won Best Design Award at Diabetes App Challenge in association with Diabetes UK, Handi and Plymouth University. They are also looking for funding to get the first version built. For more information please contact us and we can provide contact details via our network.


Paul Budd

Co-Founder and Business Development Director

Paul is an experienced sales & marketing leader within the healthcare sector and is a Co-Founder of Salus Digital. He is a Digital Health enthusiast with a passion for extending the reach of technology to improve patient’s lives and reduce the strain on healthcare services.

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