“Whilst healthcare and the life sciences are rich in technology, healthcare in particular has been resistant to disruptive, technology-driven change. This sits uneasily with a common view that technology is advancing so rapidly that organisations are struggling to keep up.

In this new landscape, what is the role of strategy? D Health’s annual strategic forum in health technology provides an opportunity to hear expert views on how tech will shape our industry and how strategy may be applied.

Hear from experts from across the diversity of healthcare and life sciences on the tech-related trends and drivers that will shape these sectors.

  • Investment; Rory Pope, Consultant, Apposite LLC
  • Insurance; Helen Dickinson, Chief Strategy Officer, Simply Health
  • Public Healthcare; Keith Wilcock, E-Health Strategy & Policy Lead, Scottish Government
  • Regulation; Greer Deal, Director, Global Regulatory Services
  • Pharmaceuticals; Barnaby Poulton, Executive Director, Payer and Health Systems, Aptus Health
  • Market Communication: Rob Benson, Senior Communications Manager: Highland Marketing
  • Technology: TBC, IBM

Technology is creating uncertainty as well as opportunity which coupled with the unpredictability of recent social and political events has created a uniquely challenging environment for sector organisations. Join our panel session to discuss how uncertainty can be managed

  • Dr Ashish Patel, Investment Manager, Mercia Technologies PLC
  • Agathe Acchiardo, Head of Health Practice, Future Foundation
  • David Browning, Managing Director, MediCity: Invited
  • Elizabeth Hampson, Director – Health Strategy Consulting, Deloitte Provisional

Hear how can strategy be applied in data security, digital transformation, artificial intelligence, IP and go to market activity.

Dominic Pride, Chief Instigator, Upstart – Breakthrough Strategy

Rob Stephen, Partner, CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP

Mike Denis, Director Of Information Strategy, Oxford Academic Health Science Network

Marci Thiel, Founder & Chief Product Officer, Expert 24:

Craig Dingwall, ISO27001 Lead Auditor/Implementer, Data Protection Law (EU GDPR) Advisor and Digital Forensics Expert, Former police detective

Learn about the Government Industry 4.0 Strategy for Digital Health and Tech & Innovation roadmap: Gregor Anderson, GSK

Join the forum to review novel tools for strategists and network within an informed and senior delegation.


About D Health: D Health has been building communities and advising organisations in digital health since 2012. We have an international client portfolio drawn from technology, healthcare and the life sciences coupled with an extensive global network in digital health. We provide advice and support to help organisations prosper in this challenging and important field.


Steve Dodsworth

CEO - DHealth

A seasoned professional with extensive experience gained in the life sciences and digital health(care). - A track record in innovation, strategy and commerce. - A strong technical and scientific background. - Adept at communicating within diverse professional environments. - In-depth understanding of market dynamics and business principles - Accrued experience that connects the worlds of "digital", life science and healthcare “Digital health” is an unhelpful label; there is only healthcare in an increasingly digital world.

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