The Future of AI in Healthcare

How Do You Imagine Healthcare in 2025 and What is the Role of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

This is the future our speakers will envision on April 27th in London. Our event is an opportunity to discover the drivers of the Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning movement in healthcare. From robots helping children with autism to a breathalyser diagnosing disease, innovation is the highlight of our day.

We invite award-winning industry disruptors featured in Fortune Magazine, TV News, and CB Insights who are leaders of top AI healthcare companies as well as tech and pharma giants and the NHS to unite under one roof.

We welcome these change-makers to share their future plans and spark meaningful conversation to go beyond the walls of our conference. How? We start by addressing where we are now and then asking what direction needs to be taken to create positive and meaningful integration of technology in healthcare for generations to come.

Welcome to The Future of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Healthcare!

Event speakers

  • Cristina De Juan

    Cristina De Juan

    CEO at Innovatemedtec Ltd.

  • Ben Luckett

    Ben Luckett

    Managing Director, Aviva Ventures at Aviva

  • Ali Parsa

    Ali Parsa

    CEO & Founder at Babylon Health

  • Rupert Whitehead

    Rupert Whitehead

    Developer Relations Programs Lead in the UK at Google

  • Maja Pantic

    Maja Pantic

    Professor of Affective & Behavioural Computing at Imperial College London

  • Jack Kreindler

    Jack Kreindler

    Founder and Chief Medical Officer at Sentrian

  • Pearse Keane

    Pearse Keane

    Consultant Ophthalmologist at Moorfields Eye Hospital, NIHR Clinician Scientist at Moorfields Eye Hospital

  • Billy Boyle

    Billy Boyle

    CEO and Co-founder at Owlstone Medical

  • Bonella Ramsay

    Bonella Ramsay

    Global Co-Chair, Life Sciences Sector at DLA Piper

  • Gareth Stokes

    Gareth Stokes

    Partner at DLA Piper

  • Christian Scherrer

    Christian Scherrer

    Investor at Kinnevik AB

  • David Kelnar

    David Kelnar

    Investment Director & Head of Research at MMC Ventures

  • Indra Joshi

    Indra Joshi

    Clinical Lead at NHS England

  • Caroline Rivett

    Caroline Rivett

    Cyber Security Director, Life Sciences at KPMG

  • Jordi Guitart

    Jordi Guitart

    Non-Executive Director at Atem NT

  • Nuno Godinho

    Nuno Godinho

    General Manager for Software & CTO Europe at GE Healthcare

  • Spyros Kotoulas

    Spyros Kotoulas

    Manager of the Health and Person-Centered Systems at IBM Research


27th April 2017 8:30 am to 5:30 pm

We will discover the tools that are redefining how we prevent, predict, diagnose and treat disease, the legal and regulatory implications of the technology and its impact on global business models. We will learn about:

  • SMEs already shaping the future of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in healthcare
  • The latest advances in Artificial Intelligence research from Imperial College
  • An example of a partnership between the NHS and Google DeepMind
  • What the NHS plans are for Machine Learning in Accident & Emergency
  • Big Pharma and how they are adapting to this future
  • How tech giants see machine learning across industries

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Cristina De Juan

CEO Innovatemedtech

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